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Oops. We lost a few posts.

Sadly, it looks like we lost a few posts from 2010.   Here is the rest of the year in short:


  • Did some traveling
  • Went to some Phillies and Riversharks baseball games
  • Of course, a lot of drinking and picnics
  • Helped run a benefit which raised about 3k for a family.


  • Plenty of drinking and  enjoying the summer with my friends and family.
  • Our annual fishing trip was a failure because I wasn’t involved enough.
  • Shot some big guns at the Widows Sons first annual ATF.
  • Did a pub crawl in Rehoboth


  • Nearly got into a fight with some jag-off at the Red Bull Flugtag cause he felt he was entitled to take the spot I had been standing in for 5 hours.
  • Did a pub crawl in Philly, missed the ferry on the way back, well sorta…..
  • Again did some traveling, put lots of seat time on the bike.
  • Helped at the Hogs for Hounds Benefit by the WS.
  • Started a new batch of Syrah.


  • Did a few rides/poker runs, all enjoyable.
  • During Restaurant week, I reviewed a few new places for the other blog.
  • Went to see Social D in Philly.
  • Hit a few Halloween parties, as well as a late Oktoberfest (it’s actually in September)
  • Joined the Knight’s Templar, confirmed my belief that one should only join the Royal Arch path after they are a PM


  • Started off the month in Key West, how can you go wrong with that???
  • My guys did a great job at GLI even if some people are already predisposed to dislike us, but that’s fine, it makes us stronger.
  • Plenty of family/friend times between the holidays and wine tastings and such


  • Installations, Installations, Installations.
  • Finished up my year as WM, what a year and experience it was.  I learned a lot about people, an experience I might try to do some things differently, but not that many.  I have many many thoughts on this, but sadly I’ll need to keep most of those close to my heart.  I’m glad I gave a year of my life to the lodge, but it’s time for someone else to take the reins.


  • Started off 2011 with a nice kiss from a nice girl, or two.
  • Started my new role as Lodge Secretary, lots of work to get in order.
  • Started Geocaching more often, thanks to a new portable GPS as well as one for my car.
  • Visited Massachusetts for the weekend
  • More wine tasting’s,  I won my first contest with a Zinfandel
  • The first GLI I wasn’t required to be at, but I did goto the M&W meeting to help get the assessments sorted out.
  • I didn’t do as well at the Shipwreck Brewery Chili cookoff as I had hoped, 5th place 🙁
  • Started a batch of Bavarian Wheat Ale, can’t wait to taste this one and start another.

These are just some broad strokes, but as always been busy and I like it that way.