Guns are needed..ask a marine

I believe this places the proper perspective on what a gun means to a civilized society.

Read this eloquent and profound letter and pay close attention to the last paragraph of the letter….

“The Gun Is Civilization” by Maj. L. Caudill USMC (Ret)


Interesting Read about Ron Paul… Yes, Ron Paul.

There is an article about Ron Paul in this month’s Esquire magazine.  While I did manage to learn quite a bit about Ron Paul in the article, and perahps I dont’ think he is as goofy as I once did, I found this infographic to be the most entertaining.

  Esquire Magazine Conservative Map

President Obama, Sarah Palin, George W Bush, and some of my other favroites are displayed! :)


It is a sad day, Uncle Bernie has passed away!

I received a very disturbing phone call last night, Uncle Bernie has passed away. I find myself just saying “wow” over and over to myself and others. I think right now I am just in a state of shock, I only saw him a few weeks ago and everything was fine. Of course, I have been really thinking about this for the past 22 hours now. Perhaps because I am a little bit older, or I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching. However, it really has caused me to examine my station in life, and realize that tomorrow really is a gift. It does not seem to matter, your age, activities, whatever. When it is your time to go, it is your time to go.

Although we visited many a watering hole, these particular pics were taken at the Conch Republic Seafood Company in Key West, Florida on October 30th, 2007. Key West just will not be the same w/o Uncle Bernie.

The Boys at Hogs Breath
That’s how we roll!

More pics in the gallery

Going Green

New Rule – Eat lunch in the park.

In keeping up with my new rules theme,  Here is another for the list.

When available, try to eat lunch in a park. If you can find one with few benches and a lake, then you have hit a home run.  At a minimum, you just need a place to park, or a place to sit.

It may sound funny to make this a rule, but believe me, it has many benefits.

  1. You save money by bringing  your lunch and not going to a restaurant, it’s probably healthier too.
  2. Sitting in the park gives you time to slow down and relax and recharge without external stimulus.
  3. It is nice to just get out of the workplace and to be surrounded by nature.  For instance right now, the leaves are changing/falling, and the wind has a nice chill.
  4. I like to use this time to reflect, on what is going on around me, and to help me realize what is important to me.
  5. It is a great time to study your Masonic ritual, I think the geese in Medford already know the MM exam.


People to smack

Why I’m done with Starbucks

So I’m upset with Starbucks, to the point where I’m done with them until at least, 2012.  Considering my office is in the same parking lot as a Starbucks, where I love the people, that says a lot.  The short version of the long story goes something like this.  For the past 4 years that our office was in this location, since the owner’s of the company I work for also goto SBUX daily,  I’ve been purchasing them gift cards for Christmas.   This year, I decide to spice it up a bit more than the standard plain off the shelf card, what a mistake that was.

On December 10th, 2010 I placed my order, which included an extra $8.00 charge, which I was able to accept as I thought my gift would stand out more to them.

On December 12th it shipped, under the auspice of taking “6-8 business  days” from the Starbucks website and my order email, which has since been changed on the website, not sure about the order emails.

On December 22nd, I email them and explain that it’s now been over 8 business days and the order has not arrived, and inquired if it had been returned or lost.   There is no response for a few days

On December 23rd, I call support, and I’m rudely told that it’s 7-12 business days, and there is nothing they can do since it’s USPS.  Also, it’s “unreasonable to question” why it takes an envelope over week to travel anywhere in this country.   Worse case scenario, Seattle to NJ, will only take a few days at best.  I explain my displeasure with the entire situation to the service rep, who acts like he doesn’t care, but claims he will let his supervisor know of my displeasure with the

Food and Recipes

My lunchtime “diet”

Since around the start of the year, I’ve been doing my best to really reduce the amount of $$ I’ve been spending at lunch, as well as the intake of crap I’ve been eating during it. My solution so far, soup.