New iGoogle, Packing less, Escapism?

Google impressed me again today with their freshly updated iGoogle personalized homepage layout. While I like tabs on the top, cleaner selectable tabs on the side are much more efficient when you have multiple pages setup. With the new gmail plugins I’m able to scan/delete/respond to my mail without having to jump around too much.. It is worth checking out..

So we were discussing our travel arrangement at the last “Pre -Meeting of the Minds” meeting and it the price of checking luggage was mentioned. Of course, we know that some people are going to check bags regardless of the price and or horrific wait times which always seem to accompany flying back into Philadelphia International Airport. I feel as if a challenge was issued to travel down using just a carry on. I think I can do this, as I’ll only be there for a week after all.  These are the reasons I think this is a good idea/challenge:

  1. I can save at least $30, well not really save, I’m sure I’ll drink it down.
  2. One less bag on the plane, that much more fuel will be saved, the Earth won’t cry as much.
  3. I can’t stand to wait in airports, esp when I’m arriving.  I’m planning on getting to Alabama Jack’s quickly.
  4. There is a washer and dryer in the house, I can have plenty of clean undies even if I only pack a pair (ewe)

Really though, it is Key West, as you can see from last years pics, I don’t wear much more than a few tank tops and some tshits/shorts. The place is a great example of escapism, what more do I need besides a few articles of clothing and my wallet/phone? Most of the time, barstools are even optional! Besides, trimming the fat and cutting away the crap is a great way to see how much I really can do without.

Of course, my phone still won’t check my email, but there is no way I am taking a laptop with me. I can update my pics and this blog from the condo. 🙂

p.s. Today still appears to be a woot off, with some bad ass shirts too.