New Gtalk app, and my old teacher (allegedly) likes em young

      I just installed and I’m now testing out the latest client version of the Google Talk Labs Edition. So far the coolest part is that it has “Invisible” mode built in. The interface does seem awful slick, I’m going to give it a full test tomorrow when I get to the office. That is when I communicate with the highest number of contacts.  I am pretty impressed so far though, then again I am easily impressed.


       Ranking really high on the “weird and didn’t see that one coming” scale is my old music teacher was arrested for posession of child porn.  I must say, this is most disturbing, and quite shocking.  Let me be perfectly clear and say that when he was my drum instructor/teacher, he never struck me as that kinda way, or made any advancements towards me.  To be honest, I remember him being pretty much devoted to his family, and quite christian.  They always say it is the repressed ones you have to watch out for.  Now I’m willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, but when the cops decide to move in on a teacher, you know they must have some proof.  Whatever the case may be, I guess we will see what happens as more details are released.