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I got my snow day, and then some.

I am officially back in the office for my first full day all week!   Crazy you say? Well yes.  Monday ended up being a snow day for the “Blizzard of Death for March 2009“.   In all reality, it was not really that bad.  However, it was the first real snow fall we have had over 8 inches this year so the weather-persons were all flipping their wigs.   Needless to say, I cleared the walk way and most of the driveway and threw down some ice melt and went back inside where I proceeded to watch crappy television, and make more pita’s.

I had slightly more success with the different recipe, but not to the point where I”m happy by any means. I really think my oven might not be getting hot enough. I  need to really experiment with it more,  and perhaps mix the two recipes for a “best of” attempt. Hopefully come Saturday I’ll have the pita project perfected, or at levels to an acceptable level.

Late in the evening of my Snow Day, on comes the sickness.  First the runny nose, then the sinus pressure, and finally a 6+ foot tall 180 lb baby of a man. :)  So me being me, I goto bed, get up and goto work.  Only to leave an hour later, get home and goto bed.  Then I’m up at 4-ish and up to WJMC to get ready w/ dinner and the Official Visit to our Lodge.   I was doped up on DayQuil and Sudafed, with a bandaid on my nose because it would not stop bleeding from where it slit on the side.  Oh what a night…..

Followed by 12 hours in bed, then a day on the couch, it was off to Collingswood for the Scottish Rite business meeting.  I wa sback to work today, but it took me a few hours just to get my email sorted out, and I’m not even caught up on my weekly tasks.  I guess that’s what happens when your first day of work occurs on a Thursday. :)  At least tomorrow is Friday, I have an another OV then I get to take a break this weekend.