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What a weekend! With some feet?

So in preparation for Memorial Day weekend, at Buehler’s, we once again descended upon Rehoboth Beach and worked on bruising the family liver.  First up was happy hour at Delfini’s, where I tried my first ever Dirty Martini. Which I thought was very good, but quite pretty salty.  Next I tried, and really enjoyed a Gin Gimlet. After that it was off to Wahoo for a special birthday party for Slyvia. There we were pleased to find Jim Morris on stage doing a solo set.

The next day was the Boat Drinks Botanical put on by the DSPHC. Which as always was a blast, the Calypso Nuts were there, as well as Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band. The above picture of my feet was taken while just relaxing and enjoying myself. Unlike the JO parrothead who was either too drunk or too stupid to figure out that I was standing in line holding a plate when he called me an ass for “not being in line”. I only saw some lady, whom I hope has more respect for herself than to be married to that JO, walk away with him in tow, and no more for the rest of the day. I tell ya, it is really guys like him that give parrotheads and the Church of Jimmy a bad name… Kinda makes me glad I’ve never seen JB in concert.. But I digress..

The next day, it was up and back to Jersey for a meeting at the Hoban’s for a pre-Buehler’s planning commission meeting. AKA a bbq and some wine, all I know is I have to get a buttload of goldfish for this weekend. 🙂

I’ve added some pics from this weekend, as well as added a bunch from my phone in the 2009 photo gallery. I also expect to be updating more frequently, and also letting you know where my feet have taken me!