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Wow a lot of shit has happened since Feb..

Judging from the lastest pics this year,  I have been busy.  There have been crazy nights with the family, crazy family dinners,  benefits,  wine tastings,  of course there was also the trips to Washington for the Phils, Boat Drinks, Buehler’s, and Malibu for Joe’s Wedding.  And those are just the ones I actually took/posted pics for!

Of course, one of the most important things that has happened to my life since February,  my bike.  During the coldest and wettest weekend of March I successfully passed the  motorcycle safety class, which was good because my mind was all over the place then.   About two weeks later I purchased a used Honda Shadow and I’ve been riding it as much as I can.   I reached that first milestone of 1,000 miles, then doing my first run.  There is just something therapeutic about jumping on the bike and riding a few miles and letting things work out in your head, or go away long enough for you to enjoy the experience.

I’ve also been very busy being WM of Mozart Lodge #121, it really is like a second full time job.  I love it, but it’s been a stressful few months, and I’m looking forward to a small break in so much to do each night.  From this task, and some of the other people watching I’ve been doing, I’ve actually wondered why I never went into the field of sociology.  Of course, a lot of this has involved Lionshead Puzzle Caps, so expect that page to be updated soon!

ps. I love how everyone is pissed about the oil spill, and yet so few are doing anything about it.