Lionshead Puzzle Caps

There are the caps from the NEW Rebus puzzles on the Lionshead Beer caps.

3. Good Old Days
4. What’s up doc?
5. Friday the 13th
6. Happy Birthday
7. Miami Vice
8. Ring in the new year
9. An apple a day keeps the Dr Away.
10. A Star is Born
11. Loaded dice
12. Bicycle built for two.
13. Come rain or shine.
14. Age before beauty
16. Bedtime Story
17. Eat your heart out
20. Goldylocks and the three bears
21. Don’t rain on my parade
22. Panama Canal
29. the Sky’s the Limit
31. Sent from Above
33. Beauty and the Beast
34. Shooting Pool
38. Beer nuts
39. Bartender
40. What are you up to
42. I’m in Love
44. Nice to meet you.

45. Lite Beer on Tap
46. Down the hatch
49. Are you single?
51. Dance Floor

52. Ladies night
53. Start a Tab
54. Bar Tab
55. Bus Boy
56. Beer Coaster
59. Bed liner??
60. Draft Beer

As I get more, I’ll update this page. I love fun hobbies ๐Ÿ™‚

I do love me some Lionshead, but as of right now a case of PBR tallboys still cost me less per ounce, but no fun Rebus puzzle.