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My life as a pirate, and my week in review.

It has been a busy couple of weeks so I’ve not really had the chance to do more frequent updates.  So here is a week in review of the past 8 days or so.  Most importantly, it would seem that my dream of donning a patch and becoming a pirate and sailing the southern shores of the Keys and the Caribbean must be put on hold for a while. As you may or may not know, my left eye has been “troublesome” since Wednesday morning. I went to the eye doctors Friday morning and after being tested and prodded for an hour and a half the doctor thinks I have central serous retinopathy.

The good news is that average Joe’s who comprise the wikipedia community, being much smarter than myself, claim that “The prognosis for CSR is generally excellent. Over 90% of patients regain 20/30 vision or better within 6 months.”.  I get headaches and fuzzy vision kinda sucks, but I am more or less fine. Moving forward,  I have an appointment at Will’s Eye on Monday morning to confirm that this is indeed what is wrong. As you can see, I’m fine:


Flashing back to last Saturday, I found myself at Bam Margera’s bar/club called the Note in West Chester PA for the  Peek A Boo Revue w/ the Billy D Light Trio. This was an awesome time despite the crappy seats.  Well the seats were great for getting my $2.00 PBR’s and Dave’s Victory Brewery Hop Devil, not so much great to see the show. Which was pretty awesome and at times quite tasteful. There were some funny entertaining acts, and of course, very sexy acts.  It’s hard to imagine that back in the day it was considered obscene.  All in all, a pretty great night, which would have only been better if Shambre was driving instead of me. 🙂

Sunday was really nice and in order to get out and blow off the stink,  two Geocaches were found.  I would have grabbed a quick third, but the parking area was a giant mud pit and it was starting to get dark.  I’ll get back that way soon anyhow.

Monday brought with it an informal meeting of the local DeMolay Chapter.  The MC has been making great progress with his ritual, and that’s always impressive.  Followed on Tuesday evening I ran my first business meeting for the Lodge.  Let me tell you, I’m not a ritualist I must work hard at it.  I made some mistakes, I learned from them. But I learned much more about running a meeting, and what it is like to be in the hot seat up in the East.  Of course, I didn’t have a friendly topic planned for the night so I was able to anticipate some things.  I have learned that when you are Master of the Lodge, you need to be prepared for anything and everything.

On Wednesday I awoke to about 8 inches of snow on the ground.  Thank goodness I now am the proud owner of a snow blower, that really made the job of clearing the walkway and part of the driveway much easier and faster.  That morning is when I first started to notice the issues with my left eye.  The night I headed south to Pennsgrove Excelsior Lodge for DeMolay Ceremony of Light.  They did an excellent job as always.   Thursday was pretty quiet, and there was a Craftsmen’s club meeting at WJMC then it was to Dom’s for a drink with Casey.  A couple of crappy snow pics from my phone. I’m not quite sure why I have not gotten a new digial cameara I can carry with me more often..


On Friday I went into work late because I was at the eye doctors,  I got a lot done, and some projects finished up a bit.   Then it was off to Joe Canal’s in the WD to get myself a few bottles of wine I’ve been wanting to try.  Now I was unable to get a couple of them, but a few they don’t carry.  I did some shopping, grabbed a few cheeses then came home for a tasting. I’ll be posting the reviews of those wines on one of the other sites.
Saturday morning came and was in a baking mood again.  As a result, I made some fresh Pita bread and then homemade pepperoni bread.  I’m still not happy with my pita bread, it’s not getting a pocket like I want. As of now it is more like a naan flatbread vs a pita.   I think I might have to tweak my existing receipe or look at a few others.  A side note, as of 8:00 AM, I had officially been employed by SIN for 9 years.

Today being Sunday I’m going to get my lazy ass off of the couch here and head down to the HD.  I have some plumbing issues I need to resolve in the basement, evidently my washing machine would rather over flow the sink than actually drain properly.  If I’m feeling really spunky, I might even make it to the attic for some rewiring and insulation.  I love having a house that is nearly 100…..