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A little of this, and a little of that

Well as you may or (probably) not have noticed, I’ve been updating my status via Twitter. What does this meant to you? Well not much unless you want to follow my every move… Well not my every move, just the ones I want you to know about. ๐Ÿ™‚ So what did I do today? The short version is we got up, nursed our hangover’s a little with some coffee and got our day moving. Then after some relaxation and much needed hydration, it was on to a few different tasks. First up, the daily check of the wormies. Who, are doing much better it seems. Since I’ve added the cardboard and some extra paper they are not crawling up the walls nearly as much as they were the first day. I’m pretty excited about them actually. I’ve started to green up my life a bit, and hopefully make few steps at living better overall. I fully intend to write a little about them very shortly, hopefully tomorrow. It was then time to go out and stir up my compost pile a bit. Since the wormies didn’t arrive as quickly as I had planned for them (3 weeks late) I had way too many coffee grinds stocked up. I decided to go out into the compost pile and go for broke and just dump everything I had into it. Hopefully there are some solid results and I didn’t just totally screw my green/brown ratio. I now have two experiments in composting running, the objectives are to have a “hot pile” with the least amount of work. And of course, on the cheap as I think that is the only way that most people will pay attention. I’ll be reporting more on those as soon as I have more solid info.

Next up, we went searching for two places to put a GeoCache, I think we may have found a few potential candidates but we need a bit more time. Then it was off to the store for a few sweet desert items, then we hit a geocache on the way to MayMay’s. Sadly I didn’t find it first, this is quite rare as in my head i think I find them all first. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even still, it was a fantastic day to be out and about and getting some fresh air. The wine started flowing, and a great time was had by all. I of course had one of my favorite food’s MayMay’s Lasagna.. mmmm…. Sadly we never made it Kristen’s game, but there is always next time.

Here are a few pics…