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New Rule – Eat lunch in the park.

In keeping up with my new rules theme,  Here is another for the list.

When available, try to eat lunch in a park. If you can find one with few benches and a lake, then you have hit a home run.  At a minimum, you just need a place to park, or a place to sit.

It may sound funny to make this a rule, but believe me, it has many benefits.

  1. You save money by bringing  your lunch and not going to a restaurant, it’s probably healthier too.
  2. Sitting in the park gives you time to slow down and relax and recharge without external stimulus.
  3. It is nice to just get out of the workplace and to be surrounded by nature.  For instance right now, the leaves are changing/falling, and the wind has a nice chill.
  4. I like to use this time to reflect, on what is going on around me, and to help me realize what is important to me.
  5. It is a great time to study your Masonic ritual, I think the geese in Medford already know the MM exam.