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Not a pirate, but a baker. :)

When I got home on Friday my head was killing me, my eye was really bothering me, and I was pretty close to beat  I think the long work week coupled with being out every night, and the lack of a good night sleep all week just wrote me out.  So to bed was where I headed.

As you may or may not know, one of my little pet projects that I’ve been working on is increasing my bread baking skills.  I woke up Saturday morning and decided to make another attempt into making acceptable loaves of potato bread. Even after my somewhat unacceptable attempt to make a loaf of potato bread,  I’ve already started to become a bit weary of the chemical taste in some of the commercial breads which I never noticed before.    The last time I made the bread, I thought it was too heavy, and did not rise enough.  So this time around, I used bread flour, and a different yeast. Well as you can see below, something worked. 🙂

My Potato Bread

My 2nd Attept at Potato Bread

In other news, I plan to increase my overall workout schedule a bit this week. Long term, I will hopefully get my cardiovascular system back up to where it should be. I am also planning on increasing the frequency of my morning yoga sessions, which have been helping a great deal with my overall health and flexibility.