The one day I don’t wear my seatbelt, includes pics

So I am driving home from work yesterday in the rain, on a local busy four lane road. Upon coming to an intersection the light is green, so as normal I start to proceed through it. All of a sudden a white Mercedes something 320 (i think), decides to make a right on red right in front of me. So while I’m jamming on the brakes, she manages to straighten out her vehicle. I look to the right to see if I can pass her, nope there is a row of cars going with me, this is after all the start of rush hour.

Then there was the collision, there was no airbag deployed, and the car stopped running. I’m not sure if the car stopped from the impact or the sudden stopping motion, I’ll have to look into that when I ask them why my airbag did not deploy. The only solutions I have been able to come up with is that the impact occurred under 11 miles per hour, or the airbag does not engage when your seat belt is not buckled. (Yes maymay, i learned my lesson) 🙂

After the collision, my car was slightly turned into the other lane, so I looked back and remember watching the light going from green to yellow, then to red. I know it was green when I went through it. So I start ‘er up, and pull into a parking lot where the white Mercedes has pulled into. We are both fine, the only human injury was a bruise on my knee when it hit the dash board. Surprisingly I keep my cool and we exchange information. The woman driving the other vehicle can not find her insurance card, although she stresses many times that she has one. At this point, it really is nothing more than a piece of paper since no one is going to fix it this very second. We exchange information, drivers licence numbers etc.

Hopefully this will be quick and painless, I have only had my car since February, and would like it to look like new again. Of course, I shall keep you posted.