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Official Rules for the Washers game.

Below you will find our “Official” rules for the game of washers, redneck horseshoes, cornhole, or whatever variation of the game you know.  I’ll try to make them as clear as possible, and may need to add back to this page later. Feel free to comment and leave your thoughts/opinions/differences.


  • 15 inch square boxes, with a 4 inch piece of PVC pipe, or coffee can in the center will be placed about 10 paces or 30 feet apart. If you don’t have that much space, or a lot of kids, use a shorter distance.
  • The washers which seem to be the most family/fun friendly are about 2.5 inches in diameter with a 5/8th of an inch hole.
  • For team play, teammates will be at opposite ends of the game, scoring the round for their partners. For singles, each player will walk to the other end and score the last played round.

Game Play

  • Players will alternate tossing 3 washers each. The player/team who scored the last point, will toss first.
  • Games are played to 15 points, unless the game is a shut out in which it will be played to 11 points.


  • 5 points for being in the cup
  • 3 points for being in the box
  • 1 point for being within 1 foot of the box
  • Two different washers in the box or the cup cancel out.
  • Outside the box, points are awarded for the player/team closest to the box. The other players/team washer will cancel out the rest of the points.