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I won my second free domain from NameCheap today

For those of you who don’t know, NameCheap is having a pretty awesome twitter contest for free domains. I’ve been playing a bit here and there, and so far I’ve won credits for two domains.  Not sure if I’ll use those credits to buy more domains, or just transfer some there for the renewals.   To play, you just need a twitter account and a NameCheap account.  Every hour they post a trivia question (generaly Christmas related) and the if you the first to answer correctly, you win a credit for $9.69. Then two others chosen at random will win domains as well.  They are also giving away iPod nano’s for the top three who answer the most questions.

See how I rule: 🙂

Question: Who is this crazy character?

Answer: buddy the elf
11:00 PM EST Winners: @JasonDeVelvis, @modF, @ath77
Question: What was the trademark move of the bungling burglars from “Home Alone”?

Answer: turn water on, wet bandits
04:00 PM EST Winners: @h0dg3s, @modF, @RobinMonks
Question: What are stuffed dates typically coated with?

Answer: sugar(these are christmas related questions)
11:00 AM EST Winners: @modF, @GaneshaXi, @RobinMonks

Occasionally, even I make mistakes. :)  I actually won 3 domain credits and have updated the questions accordingly.