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Wow, the pressures of being me.

So those of you who know me in real life, may know my work environment, which can at times be, stressful..   I am the builder of moonbases, the jack of all trades, master’s of none, I’m the guy who gets the shit, no matter what happens.  I’ve been at the same .com for the last 9.5 years. I’ve seen employees, fads, all come and go.   You know what stresses me out, my personal life.

I am the Senior Warden of Mozart Lodge #121,  a small lodge,yet a powerful one.  We may not have the finances of some of the major players, nor do we have the number that they do, but we have forward momentum.  As one that always seems to end up on the side of the underdog, I can see so  much potential with our lodge it is just plain sick.  If elected, I will be installed as “Worshipful Master” of the lodge come December 6th, 2009 for the 2010 Masonic term (if interested in attending the installation, please contact me).

I’m not worried about running a good business meeting, paying the bills, or having good entertainment. I know I’m good at those things.  What worries me the most is that we get enough people for our events, for our lodge to grow.  Less than a month ago we had 55 people come out to a Camden Riversharks game, which despite their  loss, was an amazingly good time.  We even had awesome fireworks show afterwards just to make up for it.   I sit here, wondering if  tomorrow we really will have 50+ people again show up for our “Annual” fishing trip.  We missed last year, which was my fault.  I was  busy doing so many other thing for the lodge, that I just did not have time to put things  together.  This  has once again been a year of moving forward,

Although I sit here after 11 PM drinking a gin (Bombay) gimlet,  I worry that we have enough sandwiches, if everyone will show up, if we will have enough food, cigars, and drinks.   There is a lot of pressure being me,  honestly.   “Some” people look at me and think that “I have little or no stress”, but let us be honest and say that there is a lot.  I’ve taken the saying that the “Junior Warden is the social director of the lodge” and expanded that to the thought that “I was the Junior Warden, and now much relinquish command to the next guy” .   I now realize that  a year later and a few months, that in less that six months,  IWILL be WM of Mozart Lodge # 121.   I will let the example set from myself, stand, and hope that they can stand as  future officers of this fine  Lodge behind me which I hope they can stand up to.