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What I learned during Atlanta’s Snowpocalypse

As I’m sure, a week later, many people have long forgotten the Snowpocalypse. Here are some thoughts as a displaced Yankee living in the Atlanta region.

Luckily, the snow came down and, for the most part, remained light and powdery. This should be considered lucky because if the snow were too wet and heavy or pure ice, the chances of power lines being taken down would have increased significantly. Power loss was one of the few infrastructure problems that did not rear their ugly head. Of course, the streets, particularly the concrete ones, did not fare as well, resulting in a multitude of other problems, such as stranded people,

First, unless you are from the North, there is nearly zero chance that you own a snow shovel, let alone know how to use it. Hint: Lift with your legs.

The storm was on Tuesday, and there were still abandoned vehicles on the side of the road Friday. Granted, most of these were cleared up on Thursday, but come on, people, stop dragging your feet.