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Thanksgiving, homemade pirogi, welcome December madness

Welcome to December! I must tell you, I’m really not all that thrilled or in the holiday spirit this year. I am usually ready for the holidays by about mid July, but not this year. I have not even gotten my Christmas cards out of the basement to send out yet. Hopefully that changes in the next few days.

Just in case you got lost for ideas, there is always my amazon.com wishlist.

Last week was pretty quiet, the notable events being on Tuesday we performed a Master Mason degree for six people.  Which is odd since the max is five, but there were some scheduling conflicts at another lodge due to health reasons and we were able to get special permission.   Thursday of course was Thanksgiving. I decided that I’m pretty thankful for somethings, and others I can do without.  I suppose that is normal in my line of thinking of reorganization and streamlining my life. :)  While at my Aunt Kathy’s for dinner I mentioned I *might* be going veg again. I dunno, we shall see……

On Sunday most of the fam on Maymay’s side all got together to pick who our Pollyanna would be for xmas eve.  I picked ____________________, who was nice enough to give me a list of items and or gift cards from places they frequent, or hope to frequent.  Which I think is a grand idea, I hate shitty gifts and I’m glad to buy people what they want or let them pick it out.  As you can see below, there was a bit of a Pirogi factory going on.  As if I was not addicted to them enough, now I know how to make them.  Of course, I’ve already though of a few ways, ie roasted red peppers and onions in with the cheesy potato stuffing, that would be awful close to Nirvana though.

I guess you know why I’m the cool brother now.