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First Day in Key West 2008

Well I’m sitting in the condo, uploading the few pics I managed to take yesterday with my crappy battery sucking old camera. ๐Ÿ™‚ As you can see Papa Joe’s is umm, sucky and falling apart. Sadly they are closed and I really have my doubts that that building can even be repaired. It appears that driving down Rt 1 a lot of watering holes and restaurants are closed or will be soon. You can see other brother Mike walking around there.


We were planning on stopping at Alabama Jack’s but we missed the turn and didn’t care enough to turn around. So the first bar we stopped at, was the Paradise Pub in Key Largo. They had great food and cold beer, we might have to hit here on the way back North.


And of course, the obligatory shot of the buoy. Which oddly enough may be my first one at night.


The full gallery is here, I’ll upload more pics tomorrow.

Only other brother Mike and I managed to get all of our lives for the week into the one carry on. I did however realize that on the next trip I do need to bring a backpack just in case there is no room on the plane. Oddly enough, as we were waiting to board the plane they offered to take check baggage for free. So that might be a good way to screw US Air out of their $15 per bag policy. I still hate them, but the flight was not too bad.