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Phillies win, vote for mcain, third day in Key West

I went to the beach yesterday morning, I didn’t do a whole lot more than just lay there in the sand and work on getting rid of my hangover. Followed that up by some sitting around the house, then went to the Half Shell Raw bar for All You Can Eat Alaskan Crabs.. Yummy.

So after a billion years, the Phillies have won the World Series and of course, I’m in Florida… No worries, spent the evening at Pat Croce’s Rum Barrel. The place was nuts, the Action News theme was rolling with the Mummers. What more can I say… amazing.


We left there and made our way over to the main Cowboy Bill’s bar for the Sexy Bull riding contest. You can check out all of the pics, some are clearly not safe for work.

In other news, Vote for McCain, because this is just the guy you want wearing your shirt a few days before the election!


I’m going to walk around town a bit and see if I can’t shake some of the funk off, sadly I wish I was at home tomorrow!