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New Rules.. No it’s not Bill Maher

While drastically different from Bill Maher’s segment “New Rules”, I’ve been doing a lot of interpersonal thinking and examining recently. As a result I have come up with a few new rules, which of course are going to be more like the Pirate Code, a set of guidelines. The first one is:

Take your birthday off from whatever job you work, you will need the day off as you should always see the sunrise on your birthday.    On the beach would be best, but any sunrise will do. This is the time to think about what you want your year to be, not Jan 1st.

The theory on this one is pretty self explanatory, While this year for my birthday I didn’t make sunrise, it was only because I thought of it too late.  I however was sitting on a lifegaurd stand listening to the waves crash against the beach for a couple of hours in the early hours of the morning.   It really got me thinking about how the year was starting a new for me at that point, not the 1st of Jan.  This year, I will be on the beach watching the sunrise on that special day in July.