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Second day of Key West 2008, good food, bad fights, the Meteor Smokehouse sucks.

Day two in Key West started off well enough. I went down to Kino’s to check out some new sandals, I might grab a couple of pairs before I leave. Then we were waiting for my Dad and realized they had dollar beer at Cowboy Bill’s on Duval. Which I was delighted to find out that it was, PBR… We had ordered some food from the Iguana Cafe across the way. They had this great meal called Hog’s Wings. I would highly recommend you try them if you are ever in the area.


We left there and went to the Conch for a little bit to see Sunny Jim, that was pretty standard. Next up, we stopped at the Parrot, Dad and I were hungry so we went over to the Meteor Smokehouse. Now granted, it is Key West, but there was a mouse running around on the floor. That should have been my first clue to leave. We decided to get some sandwiches and were just finishing up when some crazy local who has at least 100lbs on me starts freaking out on me. He was saying things like “I’m going to kill you, you don’t know how close your life is to ending”, I have no idea what his issue was or why he had one with me. So what does the bartender do? Of course, kicks me out cause I’m a trouble maker or something. Not the crazy local dude who obv has some issues. What we should have done is called the cops on this guy, but whatever. They just lost my group’s business for the rest of this trip and every other one. Sadly, the food wasn’t even very good. ๐Ÿ™ They don’t even have a website to find someone to complain to. Oh well.

All of the pics were taken by Dave or Danny, as my camera is having issues. Here is the full gallery