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Justine Lai – Join or Die – Crazy Presidental Sex

A friend and I were discussing the other day via email how we really need to start updating our personal blogs on a more frequent basis, so that’s what I’m gonna do.  That same friend sent me a link today to a painter by the name of Justine Lai.  She does some pretty cool stuff with some pretty “stuffed shirt” political types.   As a result, I’ve decided I’m going to start making posts of the cool artsy stuff I tend to check out, and created a new section for it.   From her site bio:

In Join Or Die, I paint myself having sex with the Presidents of the United States in chronological order. I am interested in humanizing and demythologizing the Presidents by addressing their public legacies and private lives. The presidency itself is a seemingly immortal and impenetrable institution; by inserting myself in its timeline, I attempt to locate something intimate and mortal. I use this intimacy to subvert authority, but it demands that I make myself vulnerable along with the Presidents. A power lies in rendering these patriarchal figures the possible object of shame, ridicule and desire, but it is a power that is constantly negotiated.

I approach the spectacle of sex and politics with a certain playfulness. It would be easy to let the images slide into territory that’s strictly pornographic—the lurid and hardcore, the predictably “controversial.” One could also imagine a series preoccupied with wearing its “Fuck the Man” symbolism on its sleeve. But I wish to move beyond these things and make something playful and tender and maybe a little ambiguous, but exuberantly so. This, I feel, is the most humanizing act I can do

An example of her interesting workslaijoinordie05

Make sure you check out her page, I assume she has showings out in the San Fransisco area.