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Geek chicks are hot.. What’s been keeping me busy?

Well first and foremost, geek chicks are indeed hot.. How come the only people I never see in storm trooper outfits resemble Jeff the comic book guy from the Simpson’s?

Storm Trooper Chicks

Alas, I’ve been busy. Not just normal modF busy either, but it feels like things are slowing down. I had been studying like a mad man for weeks so I could perform the Entered Apprentice degree (the degree of an Initiate, which makes one a Freemason) for my lodge on this past Saturday morning. I did pretty good, not as well as I had hoped, but a lot better than I thought I would a month ago. This being the largest piece of work I’ve ever done in front of the most amount of people, I learned a few things about public speaking:

  1. People want to see you do well, they really do.
  2. If you mess up a line or something, keep going it is not the end of the world.
  3. Slowing down and pronouncing is a wonderful thing, plus it helps you breathe properly.
  4. When going slow and breathing properly, you are better enabled to “Speak over the Wall”.
  5. Enjoy it!

Now I’m starting to study future parts that I should already have under my belt, but we all know that I do my best work under (a lot of) pressure. ๐Ÿ™‚

As for other things, minus about $30 in 2 months, I’ve been doing a great job of keeping track of my buxfer account. So far it has been an interesting journey and somewhat fun to track my progress. In just a few months I’ve really managed to figure out how I spend money, and in some cases how I spent too much money. One of my biggest gripes, as was all everyone else, the price of fuel and oil. I’ve been trying to drive better, keep the AC off, and watch those RPMs. Instead of keeping a series of receipts in the car, enter MyMileMarker. Now I’m not sure that I can go back and enter the receipts that I have in my dashboard console, but I’ll do my best to provide accurate results moving forward. Of course, yes, I can update via twitter.

I’m hoping to get home tonight and get some stuff done in the yard, I’ll make sure I water the plants so we are sure to get rain shortly thereafter. Hopefully I’ll have some time to get the big compost bin sorted out and screened and separated. I have a bunch of stuff that is ready to go into a pile, but I don’t want to add this much of it to the existing one. Hopefully I won’t make a mess or screw up the screening processes too badly, this is the first time I’ve done it.

On a side note I have a phone call into some guy selling *cheap* food quality plastic barrels that I found on CraigsList. I’d like to create a rain water reclamation unit off of the garage so that I can water at least my flowers and perhaps even the grass. I’ve been doing a bit of reading about how people work the water lines back into their toilet lines/grey water systems and I’m not quite sure that I’m ready for all of that. Besides, this is just a hobby project. ๐Ÿ™‚

Since this is approaching one of my larger posts, I’ll pick it backup later and letcha know some more. ๐Ÿ™‚