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S.J. has cheapest U.S. gas: $3.149 a gallon

Peter Mucha posted over at the Philadelphia Inquirer:

A gas war in Gloucester County seems to have created the lowest gas prices in the country. As of about 10 a.m., the price was $3.169 a gallon for regular at two stations on Mantua Pike (Route 45) in Woodbury Heights. According to Mapquest.com, that was the lowest price in the country, a nickel better than places in Tennessee and Georgia.

Well, not exactly. That’s because WaWa No. 19 quickly dropped its price by a penny to $3.15.9. Cash or credit card. And that wasn’t even the lowest price. The nearby Pioneer had $3.149 a gallon (cash only), as of shortly after 11 a.m.

That is what’s up people, that’s MY Wawa, and the place where I get my propane filled for the supergrills.  And if you mess with my cousin who works at the Wawa.  I’ll have to beat ya. 🙂