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No more wrapping paper for me!

For those of you who were around me in the past week you will know that gift wrapping paper has been my gripe of the week. I guess you could say that it grinds my gears.  So as of now, I give up on this whole wrapping paper thing created by the hallmark’s and the CVS’s of the world! As of right now, 90% of the gift wrap is not recyclable due to the inks/gloss/foils, and naturaly it is not made with any recycled paper.  So yes, it makes the earth cry.

To top it off, it is expensive. I figured I spend on average about $4.00 per roll of paper, I usually use about -6 each and every xmas season.  That does not include the ribbons, tape, bags, tissue papers, etc. So therefore next Christmas season, I will be making at least a $25 donation to another charity.  Perhaps for my 2010 Pinups for Pitbulls calendar, since the 2009 one is HOT and for a great cause.

Next year, you can expect to see gifts wrapped in the brown paper that amazon.com uses a some package filling.  Or comics from the newspapers, or if I’m feeling really spunky the color ads they send out that are generally tossed. Got some paper scraps laying around? Here is an neat way to make your own gift bag.

If you think I’m out of my mind, please post a comment and tell me why.