Discovery is going more green… Getting rid of the home? No one to kill?

Old news? Sure, I’m a little slow. So it looks like Discovery Home is now going to become Planet Green. Which I think is kinda cool, they already have a pretty neat site. Although, it is currently broken, and I am unable to leave comments on the articles.

About Planet Green:

  • First-ever 24-hour television network in the United States: Beginning in 2008, Discovery Home Channel will re-brand as the first 24-hour green channel in the United States. The network, expected to debut in over 50 million U.S. homes, will be dedicated to the highest quality programming for a green lifestyle. The network’s content will provide entertaining, authentic and quality information for such categories as eco-design, organic food and green architecture.
  • $50 million Original Programming Investment: Discovery is investing $50 million to create the highest quality content focused on sustainable development, conservation, organic lifestyles and healthy living across the company’s portfolio of 14 U.S. television networks. The priority will be on core genres such as science and technology, transportation and ecotourism, engineering, home greening and organic living. The first major content initiative will be Discovery Channel’s new special series, TEN WAYS TO SAVE THE PLANET. This ambitious series, premiering 3Q08, will be a global effort to find solutions to the planet’s most serious environmental threats, and will work with the world’s leading eco-scientists to test innovative and ground-breaking ideas, including wrapping glaciers in thermal blankets to stop their melting, dropping thousands of saplings from planes to provide mass reforestation, and painting entire towns white to reflect the sun.

$50 million in original programming? I an full of ideas, and I know the people to get it done. Anyone want to be in a show? 🙂 JR?

And to celebrate post 100, as you may notice, that I now have a list of people to smack, no longer a list of people to kill. I think as I’m getting older and (cough) wiser, I think it better to smack them instead. Hey, it’s progress.