Finally, some changes…. It’s web 2.0, look out! Hello World (again)

After messing around for nearly a week on my test site, I give up. I finally decided it would be easier to just give up and start with a new, fresh widget ready theme for wordpress. What are widgets? Well that allows me to be a bit more lazy, and allows me to be a bit more compliant with some web standards. In other words, the previous theme was bugging me and that’s about it.

So what’s new so far, as of right now I have added twitter to the right sidebar. I’m going to do my best to update it as often as possible. Why you ask? Well that’s a great question if I do say so myself. One of the things that I have been devoting a lot of thought to recently is how much time I’m putting into different projects and or tasks. For instance, I currently spend an entire work day a week in my car just commuting from work. That works out to be just over 21 days a year of my life wasted in my car. So what am I going to do? I’m not quite sure. Part of me has considered going back to audio books, perhaps it’s time to pick Spanish back up. That does seem to be a direction we are heading after all. But I digress, I breathe deep, and I don’t really want to go smoke.. No really, I don’t.

Speaking of cigarette smoking.
51 days, 41 minutes and 46 seconds smoke free.
1531 cigarettes not smoked.
$459.00 and 11 days, 16 hours of your life saved.

I’m not really sure where the $459 is hanging out at, my guess it took a dump along with GM this week.

My immediate plans for this site are to either update the categories, and add tags to the site, or ditch them both. Who knows, it could be some variation of the same, or totally different. This site has had so many changes since 2003, so many posts/changes and improvements. I do promise not to sound like a self help book though. I’m going to be adding openID to the login’s, as well as some other cool “web 2.0” and buzzword friendly items.  In other words, it’s about damn time I updated.