Fugitive’s Need For Strippers Leads To Arrest

PHILADELPHIA — With a little spare change, Guillermo Martinez could have kept running from the law.

The Philadelphia man is accused of tapping into his company’s bank account and using some of the money to take a pair strippers to Miami. But Martinez ran out of luck and quarters at a toll plaza near Annapolis, Md.

Martinez put his real name on a form that would have allowed him to pay later by mail. A clerk ran a check and found Martinez on a wanted list.

He was arrested the day before Thanksgiving and has been brought back to Pennsylvania. Authorities allege he used a debit card to steal about $150,000 from the nursing home company where he worked.
[modF]Of course he was from Philly, that just figures doesn’t it…. How stupid could you be to embezzle cash from your company than give your real name to the popo. [/modF]

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